Rally Day

Sunday September 11 is Rally Day.  Please join us at 10 AM in the Family Life Center for light refreshments and to find out what exciting things are happening in Sunday School this year. Children will be be introduced to age appropriate classes and new teachers.

Looking forward to seeing you at 10 AM Sunday morning.




In connection with the Pregnancy Center and as an extension of Bottles of Joy, the Presbyterian Women of the Church presents the Baby Shower Project.  Once a year our church will host a baby shower.  Limestone Presbyterian will initiate the project with three other churches participating, each during its own quarter.  We will be responsible for third quarter.  The date for the shower is September 18.

The idea was initiated to enable young women to experience a shower honoring the birth of their child—a joyful celebration with cake, punch, decorations, and gifts.  The anticipated group will consist of five expectant mothers selected by Options using their criteria for those qualified to attend (pregnancy test, ultrasound, and participation in the program).

Each church guest is asked to bring one gift.  The gifts will be placed on a table for view.  Each Options guest will draw a number and then take turns selecting the gift of their choice and continue until the gifts are gone.  The Outreach Team will supply wipes and diapers for all attendees.  We encourage the women of the church to join us for a drop in from 3pm – 5pm.

Churchwide Game Night — September 30th

Due to popular demand, we will be having another Churchwide Game Night on Friday September 30th from 6 pm “until”, so members of all ages are invited to bring their favorite games for an evening of fun and fellowship! A pizza dinner will be provided, and a love offering for our youth ministry will be received. For more information, please contact Will Gibbons at (864) 838-5294.

Louisiana Flood Relief

Dear Members of Limestone Presbyterian Church,


With the permission of the Session, I am sharing this information with you. Recently the State of Louisiana was inundated with torrential rain which caused massive flooding and has caused the largest amount of property loss since Hurricane Sandy. Michelle and I have a friend here in Gaffney who is from the Baton Rouge area. Her name is Angie Rhyne. She is married to Lee Rhyne and they have 2 daughters, Brackston and Rhodes. Brackston attended the Church lock-in a few weeks ago.


Angie’s mother, Deedie and her husband, live in Denham Springs which is east of Baton Rouge. Their home suffered major damage and were displaced due to the flood waters. I asked Angie what could be done from a far to help the victims. She put me in contact with Jarrod Hegwood. Jarrod is a student minister at Judson Baptist Church in Walker, Louisiana and had been working in the field helping those affected from the flooding. We talked by phone and a few days after he sent me the video link below regarding his and the Church’s mission to help:




It was mentioned in the August 21st worship that one way to help is to contribute to the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance fund. Others like the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army are also good organizations to support.

Jarrod at the end of the video, he mentioned Samaritan’s Purse but also that the Church is collecting gift cards to help the victims purchase materials to help with cleanup, purchase groceries,or maybe to go out for a meal, which may be a stress reliever for the recipient.

If you haven’t already, I ask that you consider contributing to help the residents in Louisiana. If you are interested in sending a gift card, you may leave your contribution with Jordan in the Church office until 9/11/16. Any contributions will be mailed collectively by the Church and sent to Judson Baptist Church in care of Mr. Jarrod Hegwood.


If you have any questions please contact me with them!



Hank Jolly, Elder


2016 Confirmation Class Invitation


Please accept this invitation for all who have completed the eighth grade (about 13 years old) or higher to prepare to make an intelligent (knowing what you mean) and responsible (meaning what you say) profession of faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord of your life. Confirmation Classes will prepare you for full participation in the decision making process of God’s church, on earth, as Active Members. This preparation is the completion of your Baptism, that is, your full submission unto God’s claim upon your life.


Upon completion, you will appear before the Session to make your profession of faith, and if all is found to be in order, you will make your profession of faith before the congregation of Limestone Presbyterian Church on Sunday, October 30th in the 11:00 am Worship service.


Here are some of the topics that we will learn together:

Bible, Sacraments, Church Polity, Confessions, Tithing & Offering, Worship,

Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, and Mission.


The Confirmation Class meeting schedule will be divided into three, 90-minute Sunday afternoon sessions as follows:

October 2nd, October 9th, and October 16th.

You must attend all three class times and complete assignments during the week in between classes. The class times will begin promptly at 2:00 pm and end at 3:30 pm.


We, as a class, along with your parents and Session, will celebrate the completion of your Confirmation preparation by meeting with the Session in its Stated Meeting on Sunday, October 16th, at 5:00 pm in the Family Life Center. During this celebration you will make your profession of faith before the Session.


If you sincerely desire to accept this invitation, then please fill out the information below, tear it off, and place it either into the offering plate or hand to Pastor Nathan. I look forward to our time of learning together.

You may email the office at limepresbyterian@bellsouth.net or call at 864-489-6079 to accept the invitation. 

WORD Children & Youth Program — Meeting on Aug. 23rd, program begins Sept. 18th

This fall, Buford Street United Methodist Church and Limestone Presbyterian Church will be joining together for a children and youth program called WORD! WORD is an acronym that stands for Worship, Outreach, Relationships, and Discipleship. The program will begin on September 18th and will continue until November 13th, with programs each Sunday night from 4:30-6 pm for 4k-5th grade and 5:30-7 pm for 6th-12th grade, with special events and outreach opportunities in between. All classes and meals will be served at Buford Street during this session except for the High School Class, which will be held at Limestone. Special events will take place at both churches. There will be a meeting August 23rd at 6 pm at Limestone Presbyterian’s Family Life Center to go over the roles for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, we encourage you to attend this meeting if able and to sign up below for whichever volunteer capacity is most comfortable for you. If you are unable to come to the meeting but would still like to help either with service or with a donation to cover expenses, please contact the WORD representative at your church, listed below. The program was a great success this past spring, and we believe that with strong support from both churches, we will be able to reach many young people and help develop them in their walk with Christ!


Youth Meetings — Sunday Nights 5-7 PM

As the school year begins, Youth will resume meeting on Sunday nights from 5-7 pm, starting in the Family Life Center. We will be having talks about school and, more importantly, how young people can grow as Christians during their school lives. Snacks will be provided and friends are encouraged to attend. This will be a great time of learning and fellowship, and it will continue until the WORD program starts in September.

Missionary Update

Dear members of Limestone Presbyterian Church

I have missed all of you very much but I just wanted to inform you on how Christ is calling me to do His work. Christ continues to show me His will in my life each day. Through YWAM we (which includes you, the people of LPC) have served 1100 dental patients, and extracted 865 teeth.


Given continual health education to 3,354 people,

  • seen 5,123 primary health care patients, given 5,998 medical treatments.

Given 4,444 immunizations, handed out 4,642 glasses and restored vision.

We have done 64 cataract surgeries.

Served 1,052 people with clean water filters that will filter water for years

to come and their family members.

We have been to 66 villages on 4 different islands.

  • Community engagement teams have shared the Good News of the Gospel with over 25,000 people and 2,756 have given their lives to Christ!!!
  • We have in total given 32,984 different medical services that has put 4,581,712 Kina worth of medical services in the isolated regions of Papua New Guinea! That’s over $1,500,000 US worth of medical care in less than 6 months!
  • With your support, LPC, we have accomplished a lot!

But there is still more to be done.


I plan to travel to another YWAM medical ship to be engaged in what they are doing followed by returning to Hawaii to be a part on an Intro to Primary Health Care school where students will spend 3 months learning how to engage remote areas of the world with critical medical care. Before being sent out to Papua New Guinea.


With your continued contributions, both in prayer and Financial support, we have made amazing progress thanks to the congregation at LPC. There is a lot to accomplish here and with your help and prayers and God’s blessings anything is possible.


For me to continue in what the Lord has called me to I need still need continual funding so thank you for helping as a church body!

Keep pressing into what the Lord places on your heart to contribute.

Thanks for all your love, prayers and support.

Blessings,   John Mark


Travel to Long Island


Had a wonderful meeting with the CEO of the hospital and head of nursing to talk about our next outreach to Long Island.


This island has not received medical help since anyone can remember and we are extremely excited to be able to help with all 5 medical teams!

  1. Primary health care,
  2. immunizations,
  3. dental,
  4. optometry, and
  5. ophthalmology surgeries.

We sail out July 8th with a full ship of medical personnel, crew, and two discipleship training school’s outreach teams.

Be praying for the Lords continual favor as we keep pressing into this last week of preparation!



July 7, 2016 — And so it begins, orientation with the largest team that has ever been on board the Pacific Link Medical Ship out of Kona. 49!

So incredible to be with this awesome group and lead them as the ship manager as we set off to Long Island tomorrow morning!

Kids Movie Day

Thursday July 14th we will meet at the Big E at 9:15 to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks. Kids will need $1 for a ticket, and popcorn, drink, and candy are $2 each. Each parent will need to walk in and pay for what their child needs and take them to the restroom before. I will need a couple of adults to attend with me, depending on numbers!