Hurricane Matthew Disaster response

Hurricane Matthew Disaster response
We are all aware of the storm that has already hit our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean and is getting ready to cause predicted damage as it hits the coastal areas of Florida, GA, SC, NC and beyond. Many areas are already evacuating.


St. Giles is offering to host/house those coming in the area that need a place to stay. They might house/place people in the church(gym/fellowship hall) or possibly relocate to members houses…please have anyone interested call the church at 864-244-4887.


We understand that many of our churches are Red Cross emergency shelters and won’t volunteer for anything that might conflict with that obligation.

We have reached out to inquire how other churches in Foothills are responding.  If you would like for us to share/post any of that information please call or email the presbytery.


PDA will be responding to Hurricane Matthew both internationally and domestically.  Click here for the link to the latest Hurricane Matthew response through PDA. 


And may we all remember the power of prayer. “Pray without ceasing.  2nd Thessalonians 5:17 encourages us to pray continually. Following a disaster, our best response is first to seek God’s presence on behalf of those in need.”